Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Primera Posta (First Post in Laura-nese)

Hello to my millions of followers (I'm projecting),

What I'm listening to : Bonfire-Childish Gambino

This is the first post in my writing blog, I have always wanted to be a writer I suppose, actually it'as more like I was always a writer, throughout school it just came naturally to me and it was easy, creative writing was my best class. Now that I'm attempting to do full-length works, it's become clear to me that talent can only carry you so far (which isn't far at all if you were wondering). My ADHD addled brain is struggling with the disciplinary aspect of writing. For anyone out there who thinks that having a great idea and typing a couple of words is all you need to write a novel, please excuse my while i cackle in your face. Loudly. I have two WIPs (works-in progress)

The Adventures of SEB - MG Fantasy

The Reluctant Saviour - New Adult Fantsy

The amount of word I written? 3k and 7k respectively. Pitiful I know. But I'm really trying to do better mom, I promise. I'm actively working on SEB,  doing some outlining (normally I'm a total pantser) and I've become an active member on AW. The outlining thing might just to prove my saviour. Of course my version of outlining is nothing that I'd ever share with anyone else because it's so scattered and crazy, but it's help my idea process tons. 

So anyhoo I hope you all (snort) follow me on my journey from zero to hero, from first draft to published work. Hold on tight.  

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