Saturday, 4 February 2017

Jesus Effing Christ

I am really bad at blogging.

Like horrible, no good, proper shit bad.

Sigh. I had to make sure I still remembered this blog page because it was necessary to enter a a 1st 5 pages workshop that I entered. Well it's still here. With it's sad ass five (soon to be six) posts.

Well that's all.

Sunday, 5 January 2014

Here's to a Productive 2014

Clearly, I have been treating this poor blog like an unloved cactus. Sporadic post (no matter how brilliant they are still sporadic) has it looking emptier than a high school in a zombie invasion. But there is light on the horizon, 2014 is here and with the year comes a new resolve to update and treat this blog more like a loved cactus. I have been working on my current WIP in starts and stops ( writing a pretty decent 3k one day then nothing for the next two weeks) but that too is going to end. Near the end of last year I invested in the services of the lovely Sarah Tuttle who gave me some great advice and mentorship (is mentorship not a word?) and now The Adventures of SEB is up to about 17.5k. Which is amazing to me. So long story short I plan to have complete the adventures of SEB in three months. Wish me luck people, cause I'm going to need it.

Saturday, 24 August 2013

Yes it me, I'm back!! got some inspiration and have written a poem. Enjoy.


Love means never having to say never,
because Love is never absolute.
It is a long winding river,
at times you float happy, peaceful,
And others it's raging white water that holds you under until you scream for air,
Love is a smile and a yell,
hard and sharp,
jagged and perfect.
Love will caress you while you sleep,
or slap you while you're down.
Love can make you fearless,
or it can paralyse you with fear.
Love is blind and will run you over and not stop to say sorry.
Love is a bitch.
They say love can change the world,
I don't know if that's true.
But it can make you change yourself and,
sometimes that is enough. 

Feedback is appreciated!

Monday, 24 June 2013

Well clearly the Procrastination Jumbie has got me!

Hello my little sweetlings,

It's happened again, I am procrastinating. I have not written a word in a month. I would love to say that I have been super busy performing Cardio-Thoraic surgery on little children in Africa, but that would be a lie ( sort of ). This is a part of my vicious cycle, I get struck by a brilliant (in my estimation) idea, begin to write feverishly and then it tapers off. Gah! And writing is what I am meant to do, I know it, but then my silly brain gets in the way and I end up here, sad in my office at work wishing for something that I need to work hard on to finish but not willing (or maybe able ) to put in the work. It may be my ADD acting up but I should just take my medication non? I envy people with nice orderly brains, but maybe is my brain was orderly I wouldn't be constantly struck with inspiration, But inspiration with out dedication is for naught! Oooh I like that, that was good. So anyway, here I am back again, giving it the old college try. Wish me luck and you may post words of inspiration to buoy me through all of this crap ( that I brought on myself).

Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Meet the characters

Hi All (I know, I'm so sad)

What I'm Listening To: Grenade- Bruno Mars

Today I checked my blogger profile and saw that I had 24 views!!! When I logged off yesterday I was at 8 (all me). I'm assuming that posting the link to on my AW signature got me a couple of views!(what up peeps!!) Today I decided to introduce you to a couple of characters in my WIPs (or maybe just one)

SEB- Titular (isn't that a funny word to say...titular) character in The Aventures of SEB. He's a 13-year old boy who is sweet, kind and an all around good kid (which is unusual for 13 yr old boys...I kid). He is chosen to be the emissary to Faerie World, which is really unusal. He has no amazing super powers or magical ability (to date) and has to learn to fend for himself in a world that is completely new to him. He does well though, beacause he is open to all experiences and willing to experience them to the fullest. I'm a bit worried about SEB because I'm thinking that he may begin to come across as too laidback and maybe even a little dumb, because he doesn't tend to over-react to amazing situations, but hopefully readers realise that's a part of his magic allowing life to happen, not necessarily to happen to you but to let it flow around and through you without always wondering about the outcomes and the numbers and the questions.

Whew, that came out kinda ok. So from now on I'll try to end all my post with a question. Give some information about a character in your current WIP/Novel. What do you worry about? Do you think that the reader will 'get them'?

Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Primera Posta (First Post in Laura-nese)

Hello to my millions of followers (I'm projecting),

What I'm listening to : Bonfire-Childish Gambino

This is the first post in my writing blog, I have always wanted to be a writer I suppose, actually it'as more like I was always a writer, throughout school it just came naturally to me and it was easy, creative writing was my best class. Now that I'm attempting to do full-length works, it's become clear to me that talent can only carry you so far (which isn't far at all if you were wondering). My ADHD addled brain is struggling with the disciplinary aspect of writing. For anyone out there who thinks that having a great idea and typing a couple of words is all you need to write a novel, please excuse my while i cackle in your face. Loudly. I have two WIPs (works-in progress)

The Adventures of SEB - MG Fantasy

The Reluctant Saviour - New Adult Fantsy

The amount of word I written? 3k and 7k respectively. Pitiful I know. But I'm really trying to do better mom, I promise. I'm actively working on SEB,  doing some outlining (normally I'm a total pantser) and I've become an active member on AW. The outlining thing might just to prove my saviour. Of course my version of outlining is nothing that I'd ever share with anyone else because it's so scattered and crazy, but it's help my idea process tons. 

So anyhoo I hope you all (snort) follow me on my journey from zero to hero, from first draft to published work. Hold on tight.