Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Meet the characters

Hi All (I know, I'm so sad)

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Today I checked my blogger profile and saw that I had 24 views!!! When I logged off yesterday I was at 8 (all me). I'm assuming that posting the link to on my AW signature got me a couple of views!(what up peeps!!) Today I decided to introduce you to a couple of characters in my WIPs (or maybe just one)

SEB- Titular (isn't that a funny word to say...titular) character in The Aventures of SEB. He's a 13-year old boy who is sweet, kind and an all around good kid (which is unusual for 13 yr old boys...I kid). He is chosen to be the emissary to Faerie World, which is really unusal. He has no amazing super powers or magical ability (to date) and has to learn to fend for himself in a world that is completely new to him. He does well though, beacause he is open to all experiences and willing to experience them to the fullest. I'm a bit worried about SEB because I'm thinking that he may begin to come across as too laidback and maybe even a little dumb, because he doesn't tend to over-react to amazing situations, but hopefully readers realise that's a part of his magic allowing life to happen, not necessarily to happen to you but to let it flow around and through you without always wondering about the outcomes and the numbers and the questions.

Whew, that came out kinda ok. So from now on I'll try to end all my post with a question. Give some information about a character in your current WIP/Novel. What do you worry about? Do you think that the reader will 'get them'?


  1. Congrats on starting your blog--I saw your link on AW. Let's see...the antagonist in my novel, as it is right now, isn't really developed enough. She's a racist, but since I'm writing historical fiction, her views aren't unusual for the time and I worry about making her too extreme or not extreme enough.

  2. yes i saw your blog link at AW and wanted to check it out right away... I'm not blogging yet because I'm still trying to figure this crap out...

    one of the character in my WIP (ive one million and one WIP and no completed anything) is Faith she's five years old and very smart and she has a best friend Joey who she's always getting into trouble. She's just starting primary school, her favourite subject is math and she doesnt think her teacher knows what he's doing...

    i always worry about if ppl will get my characters! sometimes i worry about my characters because they strt to stray and then i have to reign them back in a little bit...

    Hope u meet ur 2013 completion deadline... and trust me ur gonna get a bunch of views soon...